English Language Program

The goal of the English Language (EL) Program is to provide English Language Learners (ELLs) with high quality instruction and  support that enables them to participate fully in their educational experience in school and in their social lives in the community. 



LIFE Prep believes that…


Every student has the right to equal access to all education programs.


It is our responsibility to provide sound instructional programs to insure that each student has the opportunity to achieve personal and academic growth.


It is our responsibility to validate the first culture and language while providing a bridge to the second. 


It is our responsibility to support the students in all areas and to be an advocate for our students. 


Each student can succeed. 



LIFE Prep School  provides an appropriate instructional program for identified students whose dominant language is not English. Instruction includes helping students grow in listening, speaking, reading and writing along with intercultural interactions.  All students participate in the full range of instructional activities in the regular education curriculum and in extracurricular activities in school.

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