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LIFE Prep ignites a desire to achieve and inspires students’ hope for a bright future.

Students develop self-confidence through their accomplishments and are empowered to pursue their dreams. We provide encouragement and a foundation for perseverance; preparing students to thrive as individuals on a successful life path.


LIFE Prep puts students first. Our success in closing the achievement gap comes from a commitment to academic accomplishment through the delivery of a rigorous curriculum.The inclusive multicultural community is a safe place to learn and overcome adversity. Learning In a Family Environment empowers students to create their own path


Students find a love for learning at LIFE Prep by taking pride in their academics and finding their self-confidence to continue their love for learning in the future.


Student academics are top priority at LIFE Prep. Students are able to learn in many different settings from hands-on to technology based, our students are prepared to learn in many different ways


Students achieve a high level of academics by the drive of wanting to learn in a safe, caring, respectful, and responsible envioronment 


Students succeed inside the classroom, as well as outside the classroom; preparing the students for the future and to create their own path

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